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CTO /Web developer

Technological expert, bilingual and agile, Ludovic is our Mac Gyver! It is he who manages the puzzles and makes sure that your website or mobile application complies with the specifications, fully functional and secure. Analyst and strategist at heart, he spent more than 5 years in the telecoms before joining different ESN and make a career for more than 7 years. Today, he provides ISA clients with all of his expertise.

Jennifer NZOLA

managing director 

Passionate about the human being that she wishes to see in the center of the commercial interactions, Jennifer is the conductor of the ISA agency. Graduated in communication, she has a multidisciplinary experience in media agency and press relations but also with various advertisers (catering, industry, fashion …). She puts at the disposal of the clients of the agency, her creativity, her dynamism and an unshakable optimism!


bUSINESS Developer

Former nurse, Cecile joined the agency to bring her energy and overflowing creativity. Her excellent listenning skills and understanding make her an unparalleled interlocutor for our clients. Perfectly at ease with the latest digital trends, Cecile is probably one of the best advisors you will meet!


“The services offered by ISA represents totally the founder Jennifer Nzola. A powerful and sparkling complex of positive energy, authenticity, sincerity, bravery, perseverance and overflowing joy. What I appreciate the most : experience, rigor, love and punctuality. “

Magalie Jacquet, founder of Pearl Beauty Concept

What we did: Website Design + Content Strategy Consulting

“Jennifer Nzola was an inspiration and an encouragement for the launch of my project. She has been throughout this collaboration, available, conscientious, determined to my success as much as I was. Always listening to the client and also to the reality of the market, Jennifer has shown good judgment and a precise and effective work. What I could say in a few words about Jennifer Nzola : Professional, relentless, who works with her neurons and her heart! “

Dana-Jo, gospel singer 

What we did: Website design + Digital marketing strategies

“Business coaching for entrepreneurs is efficient and at 360 degrees. Jennifer Nzola’s open-mindedness allows for innovative solutions. As a bonus: progress happens in a pool of encouragement and motivation. “

Maria Cristina Gentile, founder, international style agency The Italian Room

What we did: Website design + global strategy + Social network and content strategy 

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