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Maria Cristina Gentile founded her interior design business in 2015. Despite all her efforts to communicate (website, business cards, tote bags) and numerous prospects, she did not obtain the expected results.

We propose an analysis to discover its real need before developing a global plan. Our analysis revealed that the website wasn’t attractive enough and missed clarity.

Fields of intervention

  • Strategic plan
  • Corporate identity and style guide
  • Website design
  • Photo shoot
  • Storytelling, Personal Branding and Community Management training

The Project Team 

  • Jennifer Nzola, strategy consultant and project manager
  • Ludovic Denisse, web developer analyst
  • Nina Rolin, graphic consultant
  • Hervé Conaert, photographer


Whether for a day, three months or a year, all our business support take into account the specificities of your activity, your needs and your ambitions. At ISA, we do not copy and paste. All our strategies are tailor-made, adapted to your market.

First consultation

This first meeting allows us to meet and lay the foundations for a possible collaboration. It takes place in your office (or remote) and are not charged if you decide to work with our agency.

strategic plan

It is in this phase that we offer a variety of actions as part of a strategy (marketing / communictaion / global). You will receive within 4 to 6 weeks a document containing our plan with the actions, the calendar (valid for 12 months minimum) as well as the budget to allocate to these actions.


We review useful documents to create an original strategy (presentation documents / press reviews / etc.) ideally in your office to discover your working environment. This work can last up to 4 weeks.

Operational management

If you do not have the resources or time to implement the proposed plan and monitor actions, our agency puts at your disposal a team able to manage and follow-up the project.


When the analysis is complete, you will receive a report of this analysis. This document will contain all the information relevant to the establishment of a coherent strategic plan.

Multilingual website

The agency’s new website for The Italian Room is now more fluid and more consistent with its business and ambitions. It is available in 3 languages and allows users to easily discover the work of the agency.



Responsive Design

Better customer experience

optimization of the presence on social media

Engaging and convivial events about design





Customer conversion rate over 6 months

Client’s words

I started my own business in 2015 and tried to make it work Yet all I saw was my failure.
I was doing beautiful things but I did not feel legitimate and I lacked confidence. I wasn’t seeling projects I was offering them! Anyway, my prices were too low comparing to the time I was spending on my work. I started thinking about closing down my company.
I needed help anyway but who to ask for it and how ?
For no apparent reason a friend adviced me to call Jennifer from ISA an inspiring woman she had just met and that I absolutely needed to meet too! […] Jennifer was direct, sincere and she spotted my problems right away.
It was obvious: Professional business support was THE solution. […]
Jennifer did not command me a solution, she helped me understand my situation and build solutions based on my goals. She did not give me any instruments, she taught me to create them. She did not minimize my panic attacks, she pushed me to turn them into motivation. My company is well launched, requests for quotes arrive, I receive beautiful testimonials and my projects are, in addition, better than before.
Of course, that’s what I wanted to happen but Jennifer allowed me to do that and she also laid a solid foundation for continued evolution.

What can we do for you?

• (Re) conquer your customers
• Keep your customers loyal
• Improve your visibility
• Increase your notoriety
• Develop your brand internationally
• Define a global strategic plan
• Federate and retain your teams over the long term (motivation, inspiration, productivity)

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